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Honeymoon Registry Reviews and Testimonials

You have no idea just how much your site helped us with our honeymoon! We had so much fun creating our registry and our friends and family loved how easy it was. Thank you so much for everything!
- Tracy and Billie
The honeymoon registry is fabulous! We enjoyed every single gift and appreciate all of your help with the site! We especially loved our organized list that had all of the guests who purchased and their mailing addresses. When we were writing out our thank you cards, it made it a lot easier!
- Sincerely, Cory and Alex
You have a beautiful site and we will definitely recommend it to our friends! Thank you for making the honeymoon of our dreams possible!
- Jackie and Jessie
We had a spectacular honeymoon, thanks to your site! Our friends and family loved how great the customer service was. Thank you!
- Love, Lee and Taylor
The site looks absolutely fabulous and we really appreciate the easy process, since we had a lot of elderly couples buying us gifts! We are thanking you from the bottom of our hearts!
- Max and Jo
We both share the love of traveling so we decided to go on the most luxurious honeymoon ever! Our friend recommended this site to us and we are so thankful and happy that we took this opportunity and watched it grow into something so beautiful and memorable. Our honeymoon wishes became our very special honeymoon memories! Thank you so much!
- Love, Andy and Kris
We just want to let you know how much we enjoyed using your site. It is absolutely wonderful and all of our friends and family told us how amazing your customer service is! I just have to say that I agree with them! :) We especially enjoyed the photo albums since we had endless photos of us that we wanted to share. We also loved the wedding blog and it was a big help when there were last minute changes to our wedding details and it was good for quick updates on what things we did on our romantic honeymoon.
- Bailey and Jeri
Throughout the whole process of building our honeymoon registry, we had a blast! Seeing all of the things that we could choose from definitely built up the excitement of our honeymoon! Our friends and family all loved it and mentioned to us that it was a joy buying us a special part of our honeymoon. Keep up the good work!
- Angel and Brett
Thank you so much for all of your hard work on our registry! All of our guests said they loved our wedding website, reading about how we met and all of the details surrounding our wedding, reception and honeymoon.
- Robin and Jamie
Using your honeymoon registry was truly amazing! Unlimited announcement cards that I printed myself, an email wizard and the wedding website were all my favorite features. It was easy to let our friends and family know, and the wedding website kept people updated on the details of our wedding and honeymoon. Thanks so much to the best honeymoon registry!
- Sincerely, Peyton and Sam
We were impressed with the great success of our honeymoon registry! On our honeymoon we thought about how we couldn't have done it without your site and all of the wonderful customer service representatives that helped us! Our greatest thanks to you!
- Pat and Taylor